Interior doors of Belgian manufacture, custom made and professionally installed


The craftsmanship of Mojo Design is your warranty on your dreamed interior doors.


We are a young and dynamic company. Nevertheless, we already have years of experience in installing interior doors, custom joinery and decor projects. We combine youthful motivation and commitment with professional experience in this area. We feel comfortable in many domaines. Whether you want us to lay a wooden floor or laminate over to creating design furniture in wood, steel and glass, we are at your disposal. We work with respect for our customer and his environment. Only in this way can our craftsmanship and quality be appreciated by you, our customer.

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Joy and motivation for your project gets priority.

Our company name consists of 2 words, i.e. : 'Mojo' and 'Design'. Mojo is the contraction of 'Motivation' and 'Joy'. We are challenged to work out solutions at the request of our client and it motivates us to obtain a satisfied customer. Whatever your project may be, we always search for the best solution. In order to visualize your solution we work with 3D imaging. This way you will immediately get a good idea of how your project may look like! Our team watches over the right balance between the desired design, your budget and its feasibility. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will gladly answer all your questions within the shortest possible term.